From Out The Land

Not all Irish history happened in cities…

Clonmel Junction Arts Festival as part of ART23 will produce a large-scale, open-air production commemorating Kickham Barracks, the Irish Defence Forces and the town of Clonmel.  
1914. 1970. 2012.  

Three generations. Three fights. One barracks.  

As young men head to World War 1, Irish soldiers join the United Nations while their partners fight to keep Kickham Barracks open. From Out The Land will correlate key events from the Decade of Centenaries with ramifying historical and societal events over the course of the next hundred years. The production will blend several timelines, telling a series of stories inspired by the barracks (see our 2020 Kickham Barracks Stories project here).

While a professional cast will play a myriad of characters connected to the barracks, the anthology series of events will be knitted together with a musical chorus. Kickham Barracks will be our narrator, brought to life through song. An ensemble of professional musicians and citizen performers will embody the mortar and brickwork of an institution which has looked over a town and a nation since its conception.

Now, as it evolves once again into a community civic plaza, the grounds come alive, the forever guardian of a town, the perfect vantage point to tell a town and a nation’s story.  An original script with original music, this will be Tipperary’s largest ever theatrical production. We want you to be the next piece of Clonmel’s history. What happens when an entire town answers the call to action? Lets find out!

Events taking place from end March 2023
Citizen Ensemble
Town Hall meeting

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