Open Call : Art Enriches Life?

Submit your expression of interest for The NarrowSpace's 'Art Enriches Life?' summer exhibition in conjunction with CJAF 2023. Inspired by Yasmina Reza's play, 'Art', the exhibition explores the theme of the place of art in public life and civil society. We welcome artists from all backgrounds and mediums to present their unique perspectives on the role of art in society. Join us for this dynamic and thought-provoking exhibition celebrating the power of art to enrich our lives and shape our world

‘Yasmina Reza’s contemporary farce, Art, centres around one man’s acquisition of a two-hundred-thousand-franc white painting by an obscure artist named Antrios. When the well-off dermatologist Serge purchases the 4ft x 5ft canvas—painted entirely white—for such an exorbitant price, his two closest friends, Marc and Yvan, find themselves wrestling with the aesthetic, intellectual, and existential questions that the essentially blank canvas raises. 


Reza casts a satirical eye on the world of art and culture, using her characters’ circular, spiral-like dialogue to explore the fine line between meaning and meaninglessness. The play ultimately suggests that while there’s much to poke fun at in the world of art, and while some works may seem devoid of meaning, the beauty of art is that it takes on significance via the experiences, associations, emotions, and interpretations of those who view and discuss it.’


So, we ask you to imagine with us: Does Art Enrich Life? This is the question we are inviting artists living or working in Ireland to explore.

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