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Conversations from The Táin

This is a large scale installation of work comprised of over 50 individual elements by artist and printmaker Lucy Phelan, originally from Fethard.

July 3, 2021
July 11, 2021
9:00 am
Lucy Phelan
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Mick Delahunty Square, Market Place, Market Street, Showgrounds Shopping Centre

The installation is site specific and will be situated throughout the town. From small work in shop windows to large prints that will arrest the attention on buildings, accompanied by a series of audio pieces, this major exhibition uses the town as its gallery as the artist explores the Táin Bó Cúailnge – that epic from early Irish literature known as the Irish Iliad - as a backdrop for the exploration of conflict and life existing between its cracks.

This could be the plot of a film or a soap opera. It could also be a live event happening on the street where you live. The events outlined in the Táin Bó Cúailnge are epic events but they describe the desires and conflicts of our everyday life and our inner selves. Our moods, our passions, our desire for power and our need to triumph over people who disagree with us...it's all very human...it's all very now.

This large scale installation of work illustrates events from the Táin; the work comprises large scale dream drawings, loose and light like the images in clouds. They float, suggesting a movement in time rather than a solid static state.

On the other hand the Black and White composite photos of cattle are rooted in the earth and remind us of our huge link to, and dependence on, agriculture, both socially and politically.
An array of collage sculpture boxes, both large and small, take us through the events of the Táin like a broken conversation. You only get bits of the story …..and there are hidden symbols ….EVERYWHERE!
Many of the pieces are accompanied by soundscapes accessed through QR codes which take us to the heart of the action. And there are some surprises too…

Look out for digital prints popping up on notice boards and shop windows. Bring your wildest dreams to the wishing tree (You know... the one next to the big sod piece)… sure where else would it be?
Lucy Phelan tells stories and explores the interaction between people and their world through large scale installations and art interventions. Familiar fables, legends, animals and gods are used in the work as iconic visual signposts toward a readable narrative

Each theme or story is developed and explored over time, often starting with a single drawing or print. The piece mutates and evolves into a multi-faceted installation or intervention as the story is retold and the characters developed.
The time span involved in the making is important to the work. Themes are revisited and changed. The act of making is a basic human experience.

Lucy Phelan holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art Printmaking CCAD

Her most recent project explores the visibility of women artists within the traditional gallery system. ‘Women in Art’ stages interventions in major art galleries throughout Europe.