The Junction Dome provides a visual identity for Clonmel and the Junction Festival, an auditorium that doubles as its set, and performances that are live-streamed for a live audience, allowing us to welcome both in-person and online audiences at the same time.

This wonderful new venue will be a hub for Clonmel Junction Arts Festival and other events for many years to come. An innovative geodesic dome that acts as a pop-up venue for the festival at its 2021 home on Mick Delahunty Square in the centre of town.

It’s a sustainable, theatrical state-of-the-art design created for performance by our Festival Production Manager, working with expert engineers.

Geodesic domes are mathematical constructs, where a collection of flat triangles approximate a spherical dome shape. The triangular elements of a dome are rigid and distribute the stress throughout the structure, making the geodesic dome extremely strong and stable for its weight. We’re using a patented design which is constructed from the base upwards, with each pole fixed into position by a locking pin.

The Junction Dome is a 15m 3V 5/8ths Geodesic

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