The Junction Dome provides a stunning visual identity for Clonmel arts events and the Junction Festival, being an auditorium that doubles as its set.

This wonderful new venue will be a hub for Clonmel Junction Arts Festival and other events for many years to come. Its innovative geodesic dome acted as a livestreaming venue for the 2021 festival on Mick Delahunty Square in the centre of town.

For the 2022 festival, we will continue to celebrate live performance in theatre, spoken word, stand-up comedy and more in this unique venue, bringing audiences and artists together.

Watch our video here

Geodesic domes are mathematical constructs, where a collection of flat triangles approximate a spherical dome shape. The triangular elements of a dome are rigid and distribute the stress throughout the structure, making the geodesic dome extremely strong and stable for its weight. We’re using a patented design which is constructed from the base upwards, with each pole fixed into position by a locking pin.

The Junction Dome is a 15m 3V 5/8ths Geodesic