Artist’s Cabin at the Showgrounds

Artist’s Cabin at the Showgrounds


The Artist’s Cabin project will celebrate creativity in both technology and art, as part of the 2019 Clonmel Junction Arts Festival. The newly-launched Solar Cabin will play host to a group of artists and will offer the public a chance to see the artists in residence in an innovative new studio.

Solar Studio was founded in 2018 by Martin Carey and Pat O' Donnell. Both natives of Clonmel with business backgrounds in engineering and environmental management, they set themselves the challenge of designing and constructing Ireland’s first Solar powered office/life space and in May 2019 the Solar Studio range was launched.

The Studios (Tricab, Foton & Studio) come in sizes from 9m2 which could be used as a kids playroom, a 15m2 studio which is ideal for a home office or for a small business such as a creative studio or alternative health practices, while the largest Solar studio is 26m2 and is suitable as an extended living space with no heating bills!

The cabins are fitted with solar panels linked to a digitally-controlled underfloor heating system which means no heating costs. The even better news is that because of this, solar studios qualify for Grant Assistance from Sustainable Energy Ireland! Solar Studios also come fully insulated and are constructed from Tricoya, a new long-life board that carries a 50-year guarantee, not bad in this day and age.

The studio, which can be visited in its Festival incarnation as an Artist’s Studio, offers a work-life balance that is truly environmentally friendly, comfortable, convenient and most importantly, cost effective. There will be different artists throughout the week working in the space and giving the public the opportunity to visit and see their work in progress.

For more information, go to or drop by the cabin at Showgrounds during the Festival.