FRI 08 JULY 2016 / 8PM

Mitchelstown Cave

Tickets: €30

Brothers, Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn began playing music together on the streets of their hometown and have forged a style based on close harmonies and acoustic instrumentation inspired by various folk traditions.

August Wells is a musical project formed in New York by Dublin native Ken Griffin and New York pianist John Rauchenberger. Their music has been described as “Strange other worldly chamber music”, “Sinatra singing Lou Reed songs” and “The secret marriage of Willy Nelson and Lee Hazlewood.” Songs to walk across your troubled heart with.

*Please note that this venue is not wheelchair accessible. There are 88 steep steps down to the cave. It is a half mile walk to the performance space. The temperature in the Cave is 12 degrees. Please wear flat shoes and bring a coat. People are kindly asked to arrive at the entrance to Mitchelstown Caves an hour prior to the start of the event. This is a seated event.