SAT 09 JULY 2016 / 8PM

Mitchelstown Cave

Tickets: €30

“Ó Raghallaigh’s particular achievement is that he has stimulated a new move towards avant-garde experimentation in Irish traditional music, and demonstrated that it is possible to step entirely outside of the genre and back again – and that the process enriches both worlds.” – Toner Quinn, The Journal of Music.

Their eccentric, folklore informed stage shows have earned them a cult following in Ireland and abroad. They tread a narrow track between the beautiful, the dark and the ridiculous. Using teapots, saws, bicycles, milk jugs, bones, dollies and decapitated French hunting horns as instruments, their ethereal twin-edged blood harmonies form the distinct and unique creature that is Twin Headed Wolf.

*Please note that this venue is not wheelchair accessible. There are 88 steep steps down to the cave. It is a half mile walk to the performance space. The temperature in the Cave is 12 degrees. Please wear flat shoes and bring a coat. People are kindly asked to arrive at the entrance to Mitchelstown Caves an hour prior to the start of the event. This is a seated event.