SAT 09 JULY 2016 / 4:00PM & 9:00PM

White Memorial Theatre, Wolfe Tone Street

Tickets: 4pm - €10 / 9pm - €15


It’s John B. Keane meets Fr Ted in this outlandish comedy of the priest’s housekeeper and church sacristan, in love with Bobby Ewing and CliffBarnes from Dallas on the telly and up to every sort of devilment you can imagine because in a church determined at all costs to avoid a scandal you really can get away with anything. Pity poor Fr. Francey then, an innocent poor boy of a young curate on his first day in his first parish......

Cast: Majella Carrigan, Lina Ryan, Paul Kelly, Eanna Grogan

In this romantic comedy Willie Cleary calls on Mary Kate, the young widow of his recently deceased best friend to collect a debt owed to him by her late husband. She is determined not to pay; he is equally determined to get his money. Mary Kate’s younger sister - the romance enchanted Angie - is meantime only too happy to add to the drama as it unfolds with muffins, shotguns, thrashy romantic novels, and a pair of smelly socks.

Cast: James Whelan, Catherine O’Donnell, Bernadette Culhane