The Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values of the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival are recorded in the Festival's Strategic Plan.

  1. Vision
    To register Clonmel as a centre where the arts are valued as an integral part of the local and national identity, where the arts are practiced and enjoyed within its community and where artists, both national and international, can display their talents while working in a professional environment so that an appreciation of the arts is embedded in the local consciousness.

  2. Mission
    Clonmel Junction Arts Festival will mount, on an annual basis, a
    stand-alone festival of high-quality artistic events and will present other artistic projects throughout the year in order to meet the cultural needs of the public and to promote the locality as a centre of the arts.

  3. Core Values
    In carrying out its work, Clonmel Junction Arts Festival will operate on the basis of a set of values which are critical to building trusting relationships with all those who avail of its services:
  • To be ethical, honest and fair in all our dealings with artistes, agents, staff, suppliers, sponsors and the customers who support us
  • To use all our resources to the optimum level in all our projects and activities to achieve the best results every time for our customers, our supporters and the general public
  • To operate under a transparent system of governance so that we comply with all current legislation and financial requirements
  • To ensure that we have the resources, human, physical or financial to undertake any task which is commensurate with our policies
  • To promote respect for the diversity of artistic practice, of public engagement and of social and cultural traditions